Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Good Morning and what a lovely morning it is.
Feeling blessed.
If I had ever dreamt about the perfect day I could not have chosen a better life than being an artist with the free time to live life to the full.
I am sitting here in my lovely little home. The patio door is open and the curtains are blowing in the breeze. On  the distant hills I can see the bright yellow fields of rapeseed. My world is beautiful and bright today.
My plan for this day( And sure not all days are like this)
I started with a cup of tea.
Then my Morning meditations
Of to my Yoga session
After that I will;
Do some necessary shopping
Work a bit on a small painting I started yesterday
Spend some time on the computer promoting my work (Plus maybe 40 winks)
And then in the evening I will take my lovely Westy, called Bonny, for a walk along the beach before I pop into a friends house for a cup of tea.
There is nothing to top this feeling of belonging and this feeling of having a strong connection with "All That Is" or in what ever way you connect with the divine.
I hereby wish each and every one of you the same love and joy of life.
May peace be with you.
Marja Brown

P.S. Hope to show the finished product of my little painting to you soon.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Good Morning all. 
This is the photo I have chosen to greet you with on my new website.
From now on any updates of new works will go there only and I will use this Blog to let you know what life is like as a  landscape artist. 
I am not much of a writer, but I am always interested in how other artist work, how they get their ideas and what inspires them to express their feelings on canvas. So I thought I would share what happens in my head. ...... 
For me it is a NEED. I know that sounds like a strange word but when I have finished a painting there seems to be some space inside myself that lets life be exactly as it is at that moment. Very free and I can let the painting go. Other artist tell me they are attached to paintings???? maybe there is something else going on but I love it when they are appreciated enough by someone else. And it is my hope that they will give joy and pleasure when it hangs on their wall. 
There my first Blog entry about myself. Will do my best to make it a regular feature and I welcome any response especially from fellow artists. Wishing you loads of Love and Light in your days. 
Marja Brown.